Save the Children - India


An official estimate of 73 million children in India are deprived of their educational rights after 52 years of Independence. Unofficially speaking the numbers are far worse then it seems. Children of India are spread throughout the country as rag scavengers or exported to the Middle East to be used as Camel Jockeys.

This is far from the beginning, Children in India are never unemployed. They are merely used for slave labor. The official estimate of 152.5 million children are being used for work in making crackers, glassware, welding cars in garages, brassware, sewing footballs and the list goes on. Their educational rights is lacking so much that “being sexually abused is more natural than to be educated” is said.

The members of Free the Children India have high concerns for the children undergoing such labor and being stripped of their rights.

Devastation and Aspiration of the past

On September 11 in 1995 at Nawab Fire Works Factory, dumped explosives were disposed unprofessionally  which led an explosion killing 23 children and causing serious injuries to seven others.

The Nawab Fire Works Factory was hardly 15 kilometers away Calcutta City, which is the state capital of West Bengal. All the children within the factory were hired and employed illegally.

Free the Children India was born and created at the very spot where this devastating event took place.